nobody’s watching your online sermons

This quick video tells you why.

And how to fix it.

I’m David Murrow, The Online Preaching Coach

Let me teach you how to build sermons that are:

  • Watched
  • Remembered
  • Shared

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The #1 reason to improve your online preaching

A lot of pastors think online preaching doesn’t matter that much. They’re focused on getting real people into their real churches — not some cyber-campus in the Metaverse.

But here’s what many pastors don’t realize: online sermons are their church’s welcome center. Here’s how people “visit” churches today:

  • They find you online
  • They watch a sermon or two
  • If they like your sermons, they visit in person
  • If they don’t, they seek out another church. Or worse – they give up on church altogether.

Souls are at stake. The future of your church and your preaching ministry depends on your ability to communicate online.

That’s where I can help.

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