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Men, I cannot recommend this program enough. It is WITHOUT A DOUBT the best way to defeat online porn. Covenant Eyes has created an accountability platform that works.

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This 4-5 month video course helps individuals discover how their sexual brokenness formed, why it’s so difficult to get out, and discover a unique path to freedom. It focuses more on the root causes of sexual compulsions rather than on behavior modification.

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If you’re looking for a video series for the men of your church, check out the Conquer Series. Led by a former Air Force top gun pilot, these engaging videos help men confront and discuss their sexual challenges without shame.

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Digital Detox

Retrain your brain to love real life

Real Battle Ministries maintains a list of detox programs they recommend.

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Although this isn’t a specifically Christian organization, it is one of the pioneers in helping young men beat their gaming and porn addictions. I talk about reSTART in my book, DROWNING IN SCREEN TIME.

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Summer camp is a great way to help pry your kids away from their screens. Be sure to check with the camp before you register and make sure digital devices are not allowed.

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