The Nine Commandments of Great Online Preaching

The online mini-course from David Murrow

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Want personal coaching? Join my cohort.

If you are ready to make a serious investment in your preaching ministry, sign up for my Online Preaching Cohort. It’s six months of intensive, one-on-one and group coaching. As a member of the cohort, here’s what you get:

Yep. You get my phone number. Call me any time (within reason). I generally sleep at night. Other than that, give me a call.

Your membership begins with a sixty minute, one-on-one consultation. Just you and me.

Together we’ll begin identifying your biggest communication challenges.

Upload a recent sermon to a private folder. I’ll watch it and offer time-stamped comments.

As a member of the cohort, you can upload one sermon a month, and I’ll give you personal feedback every time.

You can also solicit feedback from your fellow cohort members.

You will be meeting with me. I will be your guide. Ask me questions. Get my feedback.

We might even become friends.

As a member of the cohort you can schedule up 2 private calls a month. Use this time for brainstorming, creative consultation and help with technical issues.

The centerpiece of the cohort is a once-a-week Zoom call. I tightly manage this 60-minute call to keep the group on track.

You’re not alone. You’ll get to know the other pastors in your cohort, and have the option to bounce ideas off them and solicit feedback.

You can also talk smack about me behind my back. I can take it!

There are a lot of ways to get your message out there. We’ll explore online tools that can help you reach more people with less time and effort.

I can make recommendations about lighting, audio, camera positions and equipment that will make your videos look and sound better.

If you need heavy duty A/V help, I can connect you with folks who can help you.

The #1 reason to improve your online preaching

A lot of pastors think online preaching doesn’t matter that much. They’re focused on getting real people into their real churches — not some cyber-campus in the Metaverse.

But here’s what many pastors don’t realize: online sermons are their church’s audition stage. Potential new members (particularly those under 40) watch a sermon or two online before they visit.

If the sermons are good, they show up in person.

If not, they seek out another church. Or worse – they give up on church altogether.

The stakes are high. The future of your church and your preaching ministry depends on your ability to communicate online.

That’s where I can help.

Why you need a coach

Family Ignoring Each Other

Speaking to a room is different than speaking online. Here’s why:

When you speak to a live audience you enjoy an attention monopoly. A crowd has gathered specifically to hear you speak. You have the floor.

Even if a sermon is dull, people rarely get up and leave a church service. It’s considered rude.

But when you post your sermon online, it becomes a part of the attention economy. Now it’s one of a billion different voices, all competing for the audience’s attention. Viewers can depart with the tap of a button.

You must compete for the audience’s attention without compromising your message. I can train you to speak up for Jesus in the attention economy.

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Meet your coach: David Murrow

Bestselling author. Speaker. Television Producer and Writer

David Murrow is the author of five Christian books, including his bestseller Why Men Hate Going to Church.

But David has made his living as a television producer and writer. Over the past four decades he has won multiple awards and earned millions of dollars helping clients share their messages in the screen world.

David is the leader of the Online Preaching Cohort. He works with twelve pastors at a time, teaching them how to reach people in the attention economy.

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